How to plant grow and care sweet peas | Growing sweet peas

How to plant grow and care sweet peas | Growing sweet peas

Growing sweet peas

How to plant grow and care sweet peas | Growing sweet peas. Scented Sweet pea flowers come in many beautiful colors, and its stems and curling tendrils make everyone feel tender. If you want to add a beautiful landscape to your garden then this is a good option. You can easily grow sweet pea flowers in a pot, or ground, and make your garden beautiful.

The captivating aroma of sweet pea flower plants and the magnificent flowers make your garden outstanding. sweet pea flowers come in colors like Yellow, Red, White, Purple, Pink, and Blue, etc. and are grown annually. The best time to grow sweet pea plants is by the autumn or spring season, at this time its seeds grow easily.

sweet peas | Growing sweet peas

Overview of sweet pea plants

Scientific name                                 Lathyrus odoratus

Common name                                 Sweet peas

Plant type                                           Flowering plant

Sun required                                      full sun to partial shade

Flower color                                       Yellow, Red, White, Purple, Pink, and Blue

Blooming time                                   Fall and Summer

Soil                                                         Rich organic Well-drained soil

Soil PH                                                  7.0- 7.5

Zone                                                      2-13

How to grow Sweet pea flower plant

Soil and location

If you want to sow sweet peas in an open area then sweet pea prefers rich, organic, and well-drained but moist soil. Open-air and full sun to partial shade conditions are better for them. They grow well in the pot, for this you use slow-release fertilizer and peat-free compost and keep the vessel in the presence of sunlight.


  • It is easy to grow from seed in autumn or spring. If you want to sow autumn then choose a frost-free place, you can grow them in a room.
  • However, its seeds germinate easily but before planting to remove the seed coat with a knife for complete success.
  • For sprouting between, you can make a germination tray in either a 10 cm container. For this, use good quality, peat-free compost, and keep the container in a cool place or greenhouse.


Before growing sweet pea plants it is important to keep some things in mind. Where do you live and what do these plants like. These plants prefer cold temperatures about 50 days from planting to bloom. The soil temperature should be around 55 to 65 ° F until the seeds grow.


sweet pea flower plant requires moist soil. If the rain is getting enough then there is no need to provide water separately. This plant requires light water regularly, can water well once a week. Before watering the plants in the pot, test it by putting it in the finger soil, if the surface is dry then give it water.


If you plant in rich and organic soil then you will not need fertilizer. Planting sweet peas in poor soil or directly to garden soil, give your plant a normal fertilizer dose every week. Potash compost or organic manure is also an ideal feed for sweet peas. I use organic manure for most of my plants.

Growing sweet pea plants in a pot

  • You can sow sweet peas seeds from October to March, however, fall and spring are the best time to sow seeds. Good and strong plants will germinate at this time.
  • For this, I choose a deep container. After filling the pot first with multi-purpose compost and soil, then with the help of a finger, I push the seed an inch down. Then wet my pot well.
  • After planting the seeds, cover the pot with a plastic sheet, causing moisture, heat, and light to accelerate germination.
  • Arrange for seed protection as its seeds are very much liked by mice.
  • Continue to observe for germination, keep it in a cool place when germination appears, it helps in root growth.
  • When the plant starts growing, pinch its growing tip between the finger and thumb. This will strengthen the formation of the plant, stop the height, and get the energy of the plant.
  • When the root runner is filled with roots, plant it.
  • Arrange drainage in pots and fill the pots with field soil and organic material. You can plant two plants in a pot.
  • This plant needs support, in such a situation, you should place it in your vessel about 4-10 cm away from any wall, fence, or any support. Sweet pea flower

sweet pea plants | Growing sweet peas | sweet pea flowers

Sweet Pea flower plants Care

  • Due to the weak stem of sweet peas, they require good support and trainer and that is why people grow it in a circle.
  • Use high potash fertilizer when the plant starts flowering.
  • Dead and faded flowers should be picked regularly to encourage flower production. This will prevent the seed from continuously establishing seed.

Pests and Diseases sweet pea plants


Some common pests like aphids, thrips, caterpillars, snails, and slugs disturb this plant. If there is an attack of aphids on the plant, then you can destroy it with the sharp edge of the water. In the case of caterpillars, you can spray pesticides on the basis of your plants. When the spider mites are visible, spray neem oil. To get rid of snails and slugs, you should refer to our old posts, it has given organic remedies.


Mildew disease can occur if the plants are not exposed to full sun or if there is no open air. Planting plants thinly or using fungicides can get rid of this problem.

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