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How to grow Rangoon Creeper | Nature Bring

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How to grow Rangoon Creeper | Nature Bring

Written by: Sneha                                         Date: 24/08/2014

Rangoon creeper is a normal flowering vine found in India. Which is quite long. It is not the thickness of the fabric. Its flowers are a white light scent in the beginning and gradually it pink, red, and in the end, it gets darker maroon. This plant has a whole summer is plenty blooms. This plant is required to support to climb. Fence it is good the vine fencing is able to take this much seems to be spreading the crop is required. This vine is found in India, Philippines, and Malaysia. The plant in your garden can easily plant; this is also easy to grow in a pot. The same plant is more than 3 colors in the flowers bloom. We have two types of vine first is a single color and the other is two color flowers blossom.


Botanical Name     : Quisqualis indica

Common Name     :  Burma Creeper, Chinese Honeysuckle, Rangoon Creeper

Madhumalti, Akar Dani,   Drunken Sailor, Irangan Malli, and Udani.

Plant Type             : Evergreen, branching climber

Family                    : Combretaceae
Origin                     : Tropical Asia, New Guinea
Type                       : flowering vine
Size                         : from 2.5 meters to up to 8

Colour                     : from white to pink to red

Growth                   : Fast
Sun                          : This plant tends to bloom in late spring.
Water                      : average, less in the winter
Flower                     : warmer months of the year

Danger                    : Plant has sharp edges; use extreme caution when handling

How to plant:

  •  Plant harvesting, you can prepare a new plant. Choose an adult and putting green, which is at least 2 to 3 inches long. Shown in the picture.

rangoon creper 1

  • Cut the leaves half of  Rangoon creeper plant to save space because it’s long size. You can use seeding tray for cutting. Bury 1 inch of the stem in the soil.

rangoon creper 2

  • Put the polythene bag or seeding tray in partial shade.

rangoon creper 4

  • Within a month you will root in the stem, as well as leaves also will get.
  • As soon as the root and the leaves began to appear a few days put it in your garden or pot. http://www.practicalgardening.blackdovenest.com/2015/08/propagation-by-stem-cuttings-rangoon.html

Medicinal use:

  1. Use its leaves to relieve migraines.
  2. Fruit decoction by gargling against a toothache.
  3. Leaves are used when the pain came fever.
  4. Use this plant medicine cuff as this.

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