How to grow Rangoon Creeper | Growing Madhumalti | Quisqualis indica

How to grow Rangoon Creeper | Growing Madhumalti | Quisqualis indica

Rangoon creeper (Quisqualis indica )

Learn How to grow Rangoon Creeper, Growing Madhumalti,  Rangoon Creeper care, at home it is very easy. It is a color-changing flowering vine in tropical areas, which can go up to a height of about 20 feet. Madhumalti is a fast and aggressive vine that spreads rapidly with root suckers. It requires support to climb. when there is a lack of flowers in the summer garden, the Rangoon  Creeper  (Quisqualis Indica) attracts, which blossom in the flakes.

Rangoon creeper is a normal flowering vine found in India. Its flowers are a white light scent in the beginning and gradually it pink, red, and in the end, it gets darker maroon. This plant has a whole summer is plenty of blooms.  It is a good idea to put it in the form of a fence, this vine needs to be spread over the nets. The same plant is more than 3 colors in the flowers bloom. There are two types of vine first is a single color and the other is two-color flowers blossom.

Madhumalti is found in India, the Philippines, and Malaysia. You can easily plant in your garden; this is also easy to grow in a pot.

Rangoon Creeper | Growing Madhumalti | Quisqualis indica

Classification Madhumalti

Botanical Name   Quisqualis indica

Common Name Rangoon Creeper, Madhumalti

Plant Type             Flowering vine

Sun                         Full sun

 Family                   Combretaceae

Origin                     Tropical Asia, New Guinea

Size                         5-feet-12 feet

Color                      white to pink to red

Growth                   Fast

Popular name Quisqualis indica

It is known by different names in different places, such as Burma Creeper, Chinese Honeysuckle, Rangoon Creeper, Madhumalti, Akar Dani,   Drunken Sailor, Irangan Malli, and Udani.

Rangoon creepers care

  • Quisqualis indica is very much like the presence of the sun, although it also survives from the full sun to partial shade.
  • Rangoon creepers flourish in many different types of soil, but the soil is well-drained and the pH level is adaptable.
  • Regular water is required in the dry season. You can keep the containers planted in the shed to protect you from the heat of the afternoon. Reduce the quantity of water in the winter.
  • Feed the plant organic compost, fertilize your plant every 6 months with garden soil. Keep an eye on the surrounding parasites and remove them immediately. Do not use nitrogen fertilizers, they only encourage the development of the plant, not the flower production.
  • Madhumalti does not climb without support, you can support it in the desired shape.
  • Rangoon creepers are very aggressive, so it needs sorting. But keep in mind, Plant has sharp edges; use extreme caution when handling.
  • Keep in mind, sometimes the scale and caterpillar Quisqualis Indica can damage.  read more.

How to plant Rangoon creeper

  • You can propagate a new plant from Madhumalti cutting. Choose an adult cutting and putting green, which is at least 2 to 3 inches long. Shown in the picture.

Rangoon Creeper

  • Cut the leaves half of the Rangoon creeper plant to save space because it’s long size. You can use a seeding tray for cutting. Bury 1 inch of the stem in the soil.

Rangoon Creeper

  • Put the polythene bag or seeding tray in partial shade.

Rangoon Creeper

  • Within a month you will root in the stem, as well as leaves also will get.
  • As soon as the root and the leaves began to appear a few days put it in your garden or pot.  Read more

Medicinal use Rangoon creeper

  1. Use Madhumalti leaves to relieve migraines.
  2. Fruit decoction by gargling against a toothache.
  3. Leaves are used when the pain came the fever.
  4. Use this plant medicine cuff like this.

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