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How to make Uttapam | Uttapam Recipe | Suji’s uttapam recipe


Uttapam Recipe Know How to make Uttapam, Uttapam Recipe, Suji’s uttapam recipe and more about this recipe. Suji’s (Semolina) Uttapam is a South Indian recipe, but it is very nice from the attitude of tasty and healthy. Making it is very easy and lightly prepared breakfast, you can serve it for breakfast in the morning, lunch or evening breakfast. Curd …

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How to make Sambar Vada (Medu Vada) easy steps | NatureBring

Sambar Vada

Sambar Vada (Medu Vada) Learn How to make Sambar Vada easy steps, Sambar Vada recipe, Medu Vada in this article. It is a famous food for South Indians, but nowadays it is eaten all over the world, not in India. In many places, it is also called Medu Vada. When the hot Sambar Vada comes in front of you, you …

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