Decorating your Patio garden

Decorating your Patio garden

Decorating your Patio garden

Written by: Sarita Parashar                                                           date: 02/10/2016

You don’t need a large yard to plant my plants or do not have much time spent on gardening, you can use some containers growing trees or shrubs for decorating your patio garden. The plants on your patio can add extra decorative values to your home including the colorful and fragrant bloom. Container-grown trees can be used to frame entryways or to provide interesting focal points. You can change the atmosphere and add that your decor needs to stand out and to feel complete.

When growing any plants for your patio, you should do select suitable plants think about resources like soil, light, and water. if you have a porch, patio, or balcony, you can grow a tree in large.

The best trees for containers are small and slow growing with compact root systems. Don’t choose varieties that drop lots of seeds or leaves during the growing season. They will keep your patio look, roof or balcony a muddle. Choose a verity to suitable your climate and that have something to offer.  growing plants on your patio are quite easy while you use to organic fertilizer. You can get a green patio at your home.

Lots of verities in the nursery but you choose Shorty verities and those with slow growth are easiest. Use these patio design ideas to turn your yard into a relaxing retreat.

 Containers :

Patio garden you can make beautiful by increase a variety of containers. Container size can be anything, then he may be big or huge. but remember when you need to select a container to know about trees root systems. Some plant has a lot of the roots and spread is even greater. You can choose the size of a container according to the expansion of the plant. If you use large containers suitable for the plant. because the pot has limited space. Use container is beneficial for patio garden because you can move the containers easily whether your small patio or rental house or climate effects. There is a wide range of containers are available in the market which is different colors, sizes, and materials. By the way, my knowledge from plastic containers is suitable for planting because it contains moisture in the soil longer. That’s why plastic container maintenance is easy and more appropriate to the season. While containers made from the clay are relatively dry out faster.


There is a lot of soil, which has no any type of nutrient. When you are using the soil it already finished before planting. You can make by using of organic compost, perlite, and sand. If the soil is not perfect plant growth will not be correct.

Drainage: How do you use the containers are not important but using the container which must have the appropriate drainage hole for water. Otherwise, your plant will die of root rot. If the container has no drainage hole you can do with the help of some tools. Excess water drains out of the pot you can put the plate at the bottom of containers and keep cleanse your patio or terrace.

Sunlight :

Different types of the plant should require different types of light and shade some plants thrive in a more sun light but some are live in shade you should arrange according to plant. If you start the plant in the courtyard must arrange. you can find a great plant for almost any amount of light. Vegetables or flower plant costs, it will grow in full sunlight. Consider these things plant before applying.


Plants require a certain amount of water, not more not less. Plant water intake is necessary for their health.


Plants use organic compost, This is beneficial for you and your family they constantly in their contacts. For this, you can use vegetable Peel, kitchen waste and can use the dried leaves. The banana peel is also beneficial for the plant. Cow dung is also used in plant brings the undesirable increase.

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