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How to grow Mint in containers | Growing herbs plant Mint | Care


Mint leaves to increase the taste of your food and tea and we supply it to the market, it is not even fresh and not organic, in such a way it is not good for the health point of view. You can easily grow up on the courtyard or terrace of your home, rather than mint from the market, this plant requires very little care. Mint herbs plant mint grows very quickly.   To know more How to grow Mint in containers, Growing herbs plant Mint, mint  Care and more about it then read the following article.

Herbs plant mint is also known as Mentha.  Mentha is a genus of plants in the family Lamiaceae. The species is not clearly distinct, with 13 to 18 variations estimated. Hybridization between some of the species occurs naturally. You can grow in a pot or water.

Mint has multiple uses to add taste its fresh leaves in salad, sherbet, chutney, ice cream and hot tea.


  • Scientific name        Mentha
  • Common name         Peppermint
  • Species                        13 to 18 variations estimated
  • Sunlight                      Full sun to partial shade
  • Maturity                     75-90 days from seed
  • Height                         12 to 30 inches
  • Spacing                      12 to 24 inches apart, 1 to 2 feet between rows
  • Watering                    regular watering
  • Soil                               Moist soil



Us produces 70% of the world’s peppermint.

Growing condition Herb plant Mint

Healthy mother plant

First, you buy a mint plant from a nursery or supermarket, but remember that this plant is healthy. Mind you this plant is free from any disease or insects, because it’s your mother plant, otherwise it may damage the other born baby plant. It is grown by the plant, that is easier.



You can grow the mother plant into a large container. To plant it in the morning sun or partial afternoon shade would be better. You must care for it otherwise it would cover like a weed. If you put in the container, the container must have a drainage hole. You can place a plate below the container so that if required by the plant absorbs water again.


How to grow Mint in containers

  • By the way, it grows well in any size pot, but in a 5-gallon bucket or pot, the mint is very well developed. Fill the pot with a well-drained commercial potting mix, add elements such as sand, perlite or vermiculite to ensure good drainage. Water well in this mixture. Let extra water escape from the surface.
  • Cut a 3-4 inch stem with a healthy mint plant from the nursery. Remove the leaves from the bottom of the stem. Dip it into rooting hormone powder.  Make a hole in the potting mixture with the help of a pencil or stick and bury the lower part of the cutting. Rooting hormone powder is not needed for cutting because the roots of this plant are rapidly developed.
  • Do not touch the leaves the surface of the mixture. If the leaves touch the mixture then the cutting can rot. After planting, press lightly around the stem through the mixture.
  • Now cover the container with a clear plastic bag, and seal the bag.
  • Keep your container in bright and indirect light between 65-70 degrees and in normal room temperature. Protect the container from direct light. Never put the container near the window, because the rapid light rises through the plastic and can burn the cutting.
  • Keep in mind that the moisture remains in the soil, if the soil is dry, remove the sheet and add water. This is usually not necessary, because the moisture content remains within the plastic sheet for several weeks.
  • After about a month, you can check the roots by removing a cutting from the soil. Raise the cutting from the potting mixture with the help of a knife, and then check the roots. If the root does not rooted, leave it for a few weeks and check again.
  • Remove the plastic sheet after the root has come, and put the plant in the container 2 -3 inch. When roots are 1/2 – 1 inch long, place the plants in bright sunlight and water them regularly.
  • After all hazards of frost have passed, keep it in full sunlight or partial shade in the spring. Read more.

Mint Care

  • Herbs plant mint prefer more sun. If you grow in a container place it near the window where the sunshine better. If it is on the lawn, it will get enough sunlight.
  • Mint plant requires regular watering to maintain the soil is always moist. watering is must but you do not water the whole day, you may watering ones or twice a day if necessary.
  • Make sure soil moisture maintain every time. If you have a mint plant dies then you put it in the Sun and give plenty of water, you can re-live it. Read more.


Cut a Mint sprig of it don’t choose a lot of leaves and out of spring in a glass of water. You must take sprig one centimeter above from Junction, The new twig and leaves shall plant will be avoided.  Read more.


You can enjoy mint tea, herbal treatment form mint, use in an upset stomach. Fresh leaves of mint are used in salad, rice casserole or cooked vegetables. Mint is extensively used as flavorings in breath fresheners, drink, antiseptic, toothpaste, chewing gum and candies.

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