How to grow Michelia Champaca | Champaca alba | perfume tree

How to grow Michelia Champaca | Champaca alba | perfume tree

Michelia Champaca (champaka flower)

The natural feeling of yellow-white flowers and fragrance will spread to your entire yard, for this you need to add a unique plant-like Michelia Champaca. All plants planted in the garden, there is a different method of planting. Therefore, before planting it, learn how to care for the plant and how to grow champaka flower.  Michelia Champaca (Champaca alba) is a flowering perfume tree that is found mainly in Asia, it is a tropical plant. This tree grows well in Hardiness Zone 9-11. In the United States, these trees grow mainly in the warmer temperatures of part of Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida.

Champaka flower blooming period is from June to September, it has a strong pleasant smell. Some people float these flowers in the bowl and spread fragrance in their room. You can add Michelia Champaca in your garden by transplant or by seeds. Below are a few simple tips Nature Bring, so you can grow it very easily.


Scientific name                    Michelia Champaca

Common name                   Champaca, yellow champak mulana, champaka flower.

Plant type                              Flowering Plants

Sun required                        Full Sun

Soil                                         Acidic

Soil pH                                   5.6-6.0

Blooming time                     Mid-spring to summer

Zone                                       9-11

Regional name champaka flower

In India, it is known by many regional names. It is Champa in Hindi, Sonchafa in Marathi, Champa in Bengali, Champakam in Tamil, in Malayalam Champakam etc.

Michelia Champaca grown from seeds

  • Harvest the fully ripe fruits for seed. Keep these fruits in a dry and warm place, until it opens. Remove the seed from the fruit, and keep it dry and warm place.
  • Rub the seeds with sandpapers with light hands or press each seed on the edge with the help of a sharp knife. Take hot water in a bowl and immerse the seed for the night, until the size of the seed is swell doubled. If the seeds do not swell, remove the upper cover of the seed.
  • Remove seeds from the water and treat them with a fungicide as per manufacturer’s instructions. Because if fungal infections in seeds, it will kill the young seedling.
  • Take a small pot of seedling and fill it with high-quality acidic soil. Fill the seed-start mix in the upper part of the pot. Then give the water well to the pot so that the moisture remains.
  • Put one seed in each pot and cover it well with a plastic seat, and keep it in a warm place.
  • To make sure the soil is moist, check every two to three days remove to the plastic sheet and if necessary water to spray.
  • Keep the temperature between 80 to 85 degrees F. During the one to 5 weeks until the seeds germinate. The rate of germination between 40 to 50 degrees F is low.

champaka flower
Propagate champaka flower

  • Michelia Champaca can also be propagated by stem cutting. Take a healthy cutting of this tree around mid-April, its length is about 4 to 6 inches. Make the cut of stem down to 45 degrees angle.
  • Put routing hormones on the bottom part of the cutting. Exclude one pair above the leaves and remove the rest. Then put it in the container, where the compost is filled.
  • Place this container near the South Facing a wall or in the greenhouse.
  • Water the cutting every 3 to 4 days. If the soil of the pot is dry, give it water again.
  • Its root comes out in about 45 days. When it gets slightly mature, then transplant it.

Michelia Champaca growing  in a container

Michelia Champaca can also grow in the container. This is for those who have less space in their house. Choose the large container for the root growth of the plant. Before putting the plant, place the gravel or clay pot pieces on the surface of the container, making the drainage equivalent. Containers require multiple drainage holes. If the water is made in the container, then to control the moisture, make additional drainage holes. Change the location of the container, this will get the best growing environment. During winter you can put the container in the shade.

Champaca alba care

  • This is best developed in Hardiness Zone 9 to 11, for this, full sunlight is necessary, although it also conducts partial shadows. Always choose a sunny location for this.
  • This plant requires average water. It is good to give regular water to the plant in the first two years. In the summer season, the plant develops actively with regular water.
  • Champaca alba is a modest heavy feeder. It requires constant nutrients during the growing season. A complete fertilizer occurs in the 15-15-15 ratio of N-P-K. fertilize in early spring.
  • prune only to shape, remove dead heads for development of the plant.

Problem with Michelia Champaca

Michelia Champaca is susceptible to aphids, its effect causes curling leaves. To reduce the effects of aphids, water should be avoided, The low presence of aphids can be removed from the strong jet of water. If there is a complete infection then you will have to resort to the chemical. Spider mites can also damage the tree, it sucks moisture with leaves until the leaves are gray and do not die. It can be avoided by insecticidal soap spray or by other natural insecticides.  Mix 2 1/2 ounces neem oil in 1 liter of water. Spray with a sprayer. Repeat this action two to three times a week.

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