9 Easy tips to Growing Tomato plant | Growing tomatoes from Seed

9 Easy tips to Growing Tomato plant | Growing tomatoes from Seed

Growing Tomato plant

Growing tomatoes in the garden and its fresh harvesting them both are enjoyable. Tomato is a delicious and healthy vegetable, which is the most used in food, this is the reason it is the most produced in the world.  Knows Growing Tomato plant, Growing tomatoes from Seed, Growing information Tomat0 plant, The choice of a plant according to the environment, Tomato plant support, Tomato sucker, Tomato fertilizer, Some common problems in tomatoes and more about in this post.

How good. If you grow the tomato plant in the house and then you get daily to eat healthy organic tomatoes. It is very easy to grow tomatoes, for this, there is nothing to worry about the large space, There is nothing to worry about the bigger place for this, you can grow it in a container and put it on your patio, terrace or anywhere. Depending on the climate, it can be started inside and outside the house. Its seeds can be planted in containers or directly, you can even transplant. Read Tomato easy tips to care

01.Growing Season Tomato plant

The tomato plant is the best time for setting out after the risk of cold is over. The time to apply this is usually the beginning of April, May, and June. If you start the seeds indoors, the plants should be 6 to 8 inches long for transplantation And get stronger for putting outdoor. Time is most important for tomato, it depends on you where you live and what its implants method. Here are 9 Easy Tips to give you Nature Bring, on the basis of these rules, you will definitely succeed if you do the transplant.

Tomato plant

02. Growing information Tomat0 plant

  • Tomato plant prefer direct sunlight, it requires light 8-10 hours. Its seeds can grow in both outdoor and indoor. You can plant its seeds directly in the garden.
  • After the threat of cold is over when the soil becomes hot, then you can grow it outdoor, usually April and May. Before planting a seed you should loosen the soil with the help of a spade, then you mix the compost, peat moss or leaf mold in the soil and improve its condition. tomato requires well-drained sandy loam soil with preferred pH 5.5 to 6.8. Insert 1/2 inch deep dig from the 1-inch interval, pour 3 seeds in each hole. It helps the plant grow substantially. Spacing 18 to 36 inches of seedlings apart and leave 24 to 48-inch space between the rows.
  • Tomatoes need more feeding, after the harvest, gradually the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in the silhouette starts to work. Therefore its productivity starts to affect, to avoid this, you should rotate the crop.

03. Growing tomatoes from Seed

Tomato is a summer crop, for this warm and cool climate is necessary, however, its crop is taken in many seasons. Provide additional protection for tomato plants.  If you want to Indoor Seeding, then February is the best month, it should start seedling indoor around 4 to 8 weeks ago from outdoor. Use light potting mixer while planting inside the house. Put seeds 1/2 inch deep. Seeds germinate when heat, moisture, and sunlight come in 6 to 8 hours. The ideal temperature for indoor is 70 to 80 degree F. If you have not added any fertilizer in the potting mixture, you should use water-soluble fertilizer twice a week. Read more.

 Tomato plant

04. The choice of a plant according to the environment

Hundreds of varieties of tomatoes are available in the market. Different types of tomato plants grow according to different environments and produce fruits. You can choose from a variety of tomatoes that are better in your area. There are varieties that multiply too much heat and grow well in warm and humid environments. Some are surviving better of cold, before planting you can get advice from an agricultural expert.

05. Tomato plant Watering and Mulching 

Whenever watering tomatoes, give the water to its roots, keep its leaves and stems dry. Give water regularly, but allow the soil to dry in the middle of the water. Protect the plant from getting soggy.  To prevent roots from drying in extreme heat areas, use mulch on the basis of the plant, it will help the plant to maintain moisture. When tomatoes are too soggy or dry, there will be problems.

06. Tomato plant support

Tomato plants cannot stand on their own steadily, they need support to stand, for this, you can use a bamboo stick or cage. This will help in the emergence of fruit and better air circulation. You will get rid of ground pest problems.

07. Tomato suckers

Tomato sucker is a small shoot, which comes out from the joint of a branch that meets a tomatoes stem. It later evolves into a complete branch. The question arises whether it should be separated or not. If left, then it will increase and usually give fruit. If you prune it then the upper part of the plant will not be heavy, and it will give less fruit, but you will get bigger fruits. It is up to you how you want to develop your tomatoes.

08. Tomato fertilizer

Before Tomato Planting, place a small quantity of 5-5-5 balanced organic fertilizers on the soil surface. Generally, if the plant is more fertilized after it is established then lots of leaves come from the amount of nitrogen, but the amount of fruit does not increase. But by adding balanced fertilizer, the plant gets a good healthy start. Repeat when the flowers begin. Kelp spray of spray during the growing season, which boosts the power of the plant. Depend deeply in the tomatoes. If the planting deeply, then the plant will get stability, the roots will be able to properly absorb nutrients and water. Tomatoes do not tolerate frost. So do not overthrow the planting, for this, dig deep hole or trench.

09. Some common problems in tomatoes

  • Another important step to stop the problem of tomato disease, you choose the varieties that are disease-resistant, plants are careful when buying plants, the plants are healthy. Tomato production needed to be careful. You see immediately a disease or pest treatment as soon as this is a quick process. Otherwise, you may damage the crops.
  • Seek a lot of tomato plant pest damage. These are the main insect’s aphids, cutworms, flea beetles, and whiteflies.
  • The fungal disease occurs in any part of the plant. The disease primarily occurs in the cold. On this sick leaves are Brown and gray color spots that, destroy the plant illness immediately. Mosaic virus when invaded, this tomato plant tomato leaves distorted. These cause Yellow color and variegated foliage. Destroy the infected plants immediately. When Tomato’s growth is faster the skin comes to crack. This is usually caused by water or detects unusual weather. So you need to be always in the tomato plant moisture with consistent watering and mulching.

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