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Growing Golden Trumpet vine (Allamanda cathartica): Nature Bring

Growing Golden Trumpet vine (Allamanda cathartica): Nature Bring

Written by: Sarita Parashar                              Date: 25.05.2017

About Allamanda cathartica:

Allamanda cathartica is commonly known as Golden Trumpet Vine. Common trumpet vine and yellow trumpet vine is species of allamanda in the family of Apocynaceae. They are native to Brazil. These are perennial, evergreen plants.

The Golden Trumpet vines Enhance the beauty of your garden during the summer season. Trumpet vines require a lot of sunlight. It can be extended inside the house, but for this, you have to resort the southern window.

The Golden trumpet is a perennial evergreen tree, its leaves are leathery. Its flowers are large and yellow in color. The Golden trumpet is a common beauty in gardens with Summer and Plenty of Sun.


Scientific name                     Allamanda cathartica

Common name                   Allamanda, Golden Trumpet

Plant type                              Flower

soil                                          Rich humus Soil

Soil pH                                   3.7- 6.8

Flower color                          Yellow

Height                                    20 feet

Zone                                       USDA 11-12

Golden trumpet flower

Growing condition:

  • Like other vines, Golden trumpet also likes rich soil. It can be grown easily in the container, you start with planting medium. Use a Potting Mix with equal parts peat, compost, and sand. Golden trumpet vine is hardy in USDA zone 11-12.
  • Its vines require support with Trellis. So that it can be fully dispersed.
  • The Golden trumpet is popular and can be planted in a container in the form of the ornamental plant. With adequate care can be grown in sheltered areas and inside the house.
  • Tropical areas are often sorted by using it as a hedge plant. Its growth can be stopped by its sorting so that its flower can blossom on its top.
  • The care of the Allamanda plant is as easy as other tropical plants. The Golden Trumpet Vine Allmanda is native to North America. These plants require at least 50 percent humidity with high light and warm temperatures. The condition of the greenhouse is ideal for the care of these plants.
  • Within the home, there is less moisture in the air, in such a situation, you can take the plants in the bright light of the sun in the spring and summer

Golden trumpet flower2

How to plant in a container:

  • Golden trumpet houseplants require more than 4 hours of direct sunlight.
  • For this, at least 1-gallon size container is needed, in which drainage holes are well formed.
  • Use unglazed pot It promotes the evaporation of moisture.
  • Place the pot in filled with water and pebbles. This will keep the humid environment which will be required for Golden Trumpet Plant. Use Potting Mix to fill the container.
  • Choose a healthy and 4-inch long trumpet vein stem, which is a bit thick. Do not choose such stem that is damaged by insects or diseases such as yellow leaves or perverted growth.
  • Leave a pair of leaves in the stem and remove all leaves from the scissors. Pinch off all of the leaves along the bottom half, from which the node will be exposed. Nodes where the roots will emerge. Put routing hormones in the lower part of the stem. Gently stave this stem in the sand mixture.
  • Put this stem in a pot filled with potting mix with sand. Cover the pot with a plastic sheet and place this pot in a shaded place, so that it can be avoided with direct heat.
  • Check the moisture level in the sand mixture, if you see less, then pour water. But avoid overwatering because it can cause the plant to rot.
  • Continue checking after 3 months after the roots begin to grow.
  • Get emerge the root, after 3 weeks of leaving, shift it to a pot filled with potting soil. Then transfer it directly into the incense. After crossing the frost threat, transplant it in a permanent plantation site in spring.


  • Start fertilizing the plant in April. And as the temperature reaches 60 degrees F, keep your plant out as soon as possible.
  • Start pruning in early spring, because it promotes  new development.
  • Spider mites and whiteflies, such as insects, trouble it. If these insects appear, then shower the plant first, so the small insects that will be removed. Use insecticidal soap spray or neem spray for remaining insects.

*All parts of this plant are poisonous. If this plant is cut, then leaves the white latex, which bothers the skin.

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