10 Stunning Water Features for your Garden | Nature Bring

10 Stunning Water Features for your Garden | Nature Bring

10 Stunning Water Features for your Garden | Nature Bring

Written by: Ram Chandra Bhatia                     Date: 05/11/2017

Flowers and plants in the garden have an aesthetic feeling, but there is no perfection in the garden, the visual beauty remains incomplete. Something seems to be lacking. According to me, water features that can satisfy this beauty. You create landscape through waterfalls, fountains or ponds in your garden. However, it is also expensive and lack of space also causes problems. But the presence of water along with trees and plants is also mandatory in the entire visual beauty. Here are a lot of examples, so that you can build ponds, waterfalls, and fountain at less cost. For this, you can also choose a low maintenance pond, you can make an old big pot part of this beauty. Nature Brings are talking about some such water features.

1. Decorate your garden with tranquil ponds

Adding ponds to the Garden landscape makes your garden attractive, it is also relatively simple. In addition to this, you can connect the ship, fish, lotus and attractive lights to the pond. If you want, you can place an attractive idol in it too. Large stones can be applied to the edges of decoration. This work is a compulsorily designed scheme at the cost.

 2. Simple fountains

It’s a cool and easy-to-be simple fountain. To which you can add to your garden landscape. It is also low maintenance and low cost. How much water is coming in the fountain, it does not matter, it attracts birds. These are the examples of aesthetics in your garden. It is made of ordinary frames made of iron, which is carefully placed terracotta pots separately. The water is sent by the solar powered pump to the last pot. There is no problem with the wiring. There is no need of a plumber in this. Its cool water looks very like birds. Raed more.


3.Water gardening

The presence of ponds, waterfalls, and fountains, etc. provides extra depth and interest in the garden, so when you expand your garden, keep one part of its safe for water gardening. With the presence of water, if a variety of flowers give a place in its boundaries then the garden becomes attractive. If there is more space in the garden then you can enjoy water gardening by making a wooden or iron bridge.


4.Decorative Koi

Adding ponds to the garden landscape is surprisingly simple, it is very attractive too. The presence of the pond makes the atmosphere peaceful in the garden. Where the water flows, the relation with the outside world decreases and beauty increases. To make your pond beautiful, you can also use water from the water falling on the one side and the colorful fish in the pond. Read more.

 5. Garden River

If there is too much space in your garden, then you can do a creative experiment. Construct a river from the middle of the garden, in which the flat stones on the surface and un-even round stones on both sides. With this creation, you will be very close to nature. Plow flowers and trees on both sides of this river. Although it requires a lot of water and space, it acts as an enjoyable garden river.


 6. Lake effect in garden

The presence of water in the garden makes a natural beauty. So if you have enough space in your garden and water is not present, then it will look incomplete. Water falling from a rock and stagnant water below provides stability in the soil and prevents the water from cooling down. Make the design to enhance the current scenario. In its presence, the movement of birds will begin. You can enjoy nature by sitting on the shore. It will make you feel like sitting along the lake.

7. Cool water gardening

If you have limited space in your garden, then avoid any large composition. On such occasions, you can bring natural beauty to your garden by using a shallow big pot. In this, you can plant lotus and lily plants. You can also build it on the edge of the garden and in the middle. The biggest advantage in this is that its location can be changed.

8. Modern Way
You can use the Drawer of Allen Block Courtyard collection on any of the main walls of your garden. This is a modern way, which is used on both sides of the patio walls and posts. This is really the extension of the outdoor living space. This is the way to bind your visual production.

9. Pots in water gardening

You can create a waterfall through large pots, leaving rocks and other constructions in your home garden, it is relatively cheap and easy too. I suggest if you have limited space in your garden, then it is not a good option for visual composition. For this, you can also use old waste pots in the house.

 10. Pots in water gardening

The beauty is established by building the garden in the house. And the presence of water attracts birds, so as far as possible you can create waterfalls, fountains or ponds in your garden.

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