Growing Strawberries in containers | How to grow Strawberry

Growing Strawberries in containers | How to grow Strawberry


Learn How to grow Strawberry, Growing Strawberries in the container, from seeds, Strawberries care, and more about this plant.  Strawberries are suitable for planting in containers, but you have to keep in mind its requirements. Strawberry plants require at least 8 hours of sunlight and if you do not have enough sunshine in the window, then you can resort to artificial light. Select the correct number from the nursery.  To get the right results, select the right plants from the nursery. When you choose the strawberry plants that are completely healthy and virus-free.

Looking at red strawberries, it seemed like I grow it in my garden? I decided to develop strawberries, although initially, it seemed a little impractical, it is now growing well in my container. Strawberries are shallow-rooted plants, which is why they are easy to develop in containers and outdoor. You can enjoy gardening by planting it in the terrace, patio or in your garden. it can also develop it inside the house, near the sunshine part. When you get sweet, juicy strawberries from your own garden, its flavor is something different. You can enjoy the delights of this delicious and fragrant fruit in the summer.

Overview of Strawberries

Scientific name                    fragaria  ananassa

Common name                    Strawberry

Plant type                            Fruit

Sun required                        full sun

Soil                                         Slightly acidic to natural

Soil pH                                   5.5-6.8

Zone                                       3-10


How to grow Strawberry

Soil and location

Strawberries prefer slightly acidic so that the pH of the soil is good between 5.5 and 6.8. Before planting, modify it liberally from any other type of organic matter. Drainage in the soil should be good or otherwise try to amend the soil and if your soil is sandy, then only need to remove the weeds, add it to the 1-inch layer of compost to enrich it. Strawberry plants prefer full sun conditions, it requires at least 8 hours full sun every day.


There are many varieties of strawberries that eagerly produce their descendants, so it is appropriate to give them an 18-inch apart space. There are also some other varieties, which are some runners, such as Lorraine, they can be kept 6 inches apart.

Ensure that your plant has been established and its roots are well covered in the soil. Should be in contact with rising bud, or crown, light, and fresh air keep in mind that if the crown is buried then the rot of the plant will frustrate you.

Water and fertilizer

Water the plant well. These plants require moisture, use any kind of malt, such as black plastic, pine straw, keep the plants clean. Use fruit and vegetable plant fertilizer for good production.


Strawberry plants start blooming in the early spring, this time bees and other pollinators are required. In hot, sunny weather, after about 30 days of flowering, the berries are ripened.  Read more.

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Growing Strawberries in containers

  • You can buy disease-resistant strawberry plants from the nursery. However, you can also develop it by seed. When taking the plants, take the information related to the appropriate variety and environment.
  • A large container (18 inches) is better for the strawberry plants. Before planting, check the drainage hole in the container, if you planting in the container it is very necessary. Although strawberries can grow in containers of any medium, it requires full sunlight and rich soil, so keep your containers in a place where there are more than 6 hours of sunshine.
  • Though its roots are shallow, it is good for large containers, when they produce runners, additional space is needed.
  • Fill 2/3 of your Container with Potting Mix. Then transfer the plant brought from the nursery to the container and shift it to the sunny place. Read more.

* Large-scale fruiting strawberries should be planted in the second month of summer. Alpine strawberries should be planted in the second and third months of spring. Planting of perpetual strawberries is better than autumn/fall planting instead of winter, this healthy root system helps in being installed.

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Care of container strawberries 

  • Keep in mind while giving water to strawberries, they are shallow root plants.
  • These containers are well drainage hole, check it before planting.
  • Keep in mind, the fruit does not touch the soil, which increases the risk of bacterial and fungal diseases.
  • Use the pot, you can easily move from one location to another location.
  • For strawberry plants use a clay pot, plastic, ceramic, or wood. Due to the lightweight, the plastic pot is easy to shift.
  • Need to change the clay pot carefully, because there is the fear of breaking during re-pot or shift. The ceramic pot is too heavy.
  • For strawberry plants, you can use any medium of containers, but before planting, check the drainage hole.

Strawberries care 

  • Use compost helps it to maintain moisture, when the soil becomes dry, give the plant water.
  • Take care when watering, because the moisture in the leaf can cause fungal disease, the fruit may be spoiling.
  • To encourage the flower to fruit, keep the container in a sunny part of the terrace, patio, or garden. It helps in ripening fruit.
  • When the strawberry fruit grows, it should be supported by wooden chips or straw, otherwise, it may be exposed to soil and can be messy.
  • Cover the container with a cloth or net so that the fruit is out of reach of the birds.
  • When the fruits come off, separate the center and young leaves. The runner should also be removed.
  • Transfer the container to greenhouse or polythene in winter, so that the plant does not damage.


Strawberries balanced fertilizer once a month should be. But note that overfeeding can cause damage to the plant, they are most sensitive. If you feel like that are growing more leaves and not much fruits, cut off you add fertilizer.

Growing Strawberries from seeds

  • Although most people plant by purchasing it from the nursery, it can also be planted by seeds. For this, you can buy seeds from the nursery or the seed shop.
  • Fill the container with the potting for the seedling. 18 inches container is better for the strawberry plants.
  • In the soil, do 1.4-inch hole with a finger and the gap between the holes is 6 inches apart.
  • Place 3 seeds in each hole. Some people use tweezers to pick up seed from the packets.
  • Cover the seeds with a light hand, do not put too much pressure in the soil because it can compact. It may have to fight for seed germination.
  • After planting the seed, cover the container with a plastic sheet. This helps in keeping the soil in the moisture, making seed germination easier.
  • Place the container in the sunny space. Strawberries will benefit from hot spots. During the winter, you can use the radiator or another heat source. Water the Seeds, but do not wet. Regularly check if the soil is dry.
  • When the germination of the seeds appeared, remove the plastics sheet. But check regularly because the soil dries very fast after the plastic sheet is removed.

Pests problem with strawberries

When the strawberries are cooked, the slug damages it. Organic mulches encourage slugs. Therefore, where plastic is very useful in the slugs problem. The biggest disadvantage is to send it to the bird, to avoid them, use the trap on the plant. Apart from this, it also damages gray mold, mildew, Japanese beetle, spider mites, etc.


  • Fruits are ready after 4 to 6 weeks after blossoming.
  • After the crop gets mature, it becomes completely red. Choose fruit every third day.
    Do not pull the berry, cut it carefully.
  • Store the unwashed berries in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days. Frozen can store it for two months.

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