Homemade Herbicides | Natural weeds killer

Homemade Herbicides | Natural weeds killer

Homemade Herbicides

Learn How to make Homemade herbicides, Boiled dihydrogen monoxide on the weeds, Vinegar spray Homemade Herbicides, Eliminate weeds by using Salt, Get rid of weeds by using Sugar, Use of flame weeder tools, Soap spray natural weeds killer, These are 6 natural herbicides which you can get rid of easily from weed.

Weeds are “uninvited guests” plants in the garden. They take possession of the whole garden without planting it, and if they are not controlled at this time, then it is harmful to you and for your cultivation. However, it is said about these weeds, that their properties have not been discovered. Weeds are a problem, there are lots of chemicals in the market to eliminate it, but these chemical substances will reduce the weeds, but it will affect your cultivation or plant and health.

In today’s times, we all promote organic farming in view of physical health. Strong chemical substances are hurting our health today. According to research, pesticide in crop use is a major cause of cancer. These insecticides are affecting our drinking water, groundwater, and the environment. To eliminate, nature brings are giving you some easy information about the use of herbs in the house to eliminate them.

The best way to get rid of weeds is by digging the ground and pulling it out and leaving it in the sun for drying it. This method is environmentally friendly but it takes more time. Now you have the only easy way to make homemade Herbicides. Read more.


1. Boiled dihydrogen monoxide on the weeds

It is the easiest Herbicides to be prepared at home. This boiled water does not cause any harm to your health and environment. Simply take the dihydrogen monoxide in large containers and boil it by putting it on a gas or stove, then pour into this boiled water in the place you want to get rid of the weeds. This is an effective method for the weeds that grow on either side of the garden path, cracks and occupy places. Yes, so be sure to keep in mind what place you have to eliminate the weeds or else it will end your houseplants and vegetables. Find it more.


2.  Vinegar spray Homemade Herbicides

Grass and weeds to kill if vinegar spray to get rid of this problem. This particular walkway and driveways in the crevices of the cracks work well. If given this mix salt it becomes effective. It is safe and natural Herbicides. To eliminate the weeds, I give you a homemade herbicide spray formula, it is completely natural and is not harmful in any way. It is able to eliminate many plants from the root. To prepare this you have a good strength vinegar that you buy from nearby grocery stores.

How to make vinegar Herbicides

In this vinegar, mix some amount of liquid dish wash that you use in the house, mix it well (which does not have any color or aroma). (Note that there is no color or aroma in it). You fill this mixture in the spray bottle and spray the plants and the weeds that you want to finish. Do not spray at places where weeds are with any home plants or vegetable plants. In such a place, you can leave the weeds by hand using a trowel or cultivator.


3. Eliminate weeds by using Salt

Weeds can easily be eliminated by spraying the salt or sprinkling it, this is the cheapest and simplest solution. For this, to select such places where there is no re-plantation, you can choose the side of the patio, the garden path or the cracks where the unnecessary weeds are grown. The reason for this is that it is inappropriate for the production of plants. On the basis of the weed, a pinch of salt and flour should be filled, it is easily eliminated weed. It remains effective for a few months. If you like all you can try this method in the Garden, Patio or Path. The place where you will use salt, you will get rid of the weeds for the next few months. Find it more.


4. Get rid of weeds by using Sugar

You can also get rid of weeds by using sugar too easily. It does not believe how it works, but this is true. It Temporarily inappropriate the soil to kill the weeds. Keeping this in mind when using sugar, it attracts insects, Therefore, before adding it, add an equal quantity of chili powder.


5.Use of flame weeder tools

You can easily burn the Weeds by showing flame or heat. Flame-weeder tool you can easily buy the market or in agricultural stores. The advantage of this tool is that its flame falls on direct weeds and the weeds burn easily. This does not harm neighboring plants and is not afraid of spreading the fire. Carefully use the flame-welder device, it immediately catches fire in the dry weed and leaves.


6. Soap spray natural weeds killer

Liquid dish wash is an effective and easy solution in homemade Herbicides. Soaps are able to break the waxy surface present on the soil. It breaks the surface tension of the water. It contains active ingredients such as acidic acids that make the plant more sensitive. Soap is an oil derivative in general, the oil kills the plant. Use spray made in your home. For this, you take 1-ounce small quantity of soap with one-gallon water. find it more.


  • Before using the vinegar as a weed killer on a widespread scale, it would be wise to take samples.
  • Do not blindly accept it on the internet or on the other published news, that vinegar is a safe weed killer.
  • Use your best judgment. Depending on what you have learned here on a basic basis, it is a good idea to use the vinegar as a weed killer.

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