7 natural ways to get rid of ants | How to get rid of Ants

7 natural ways to get rid of ants | How to get rid of Ants

How to get rid of ants

7 natural ways to get rid of ants | How to get rid of ants in your Garden, its facts then read the following article. When the ants are attacked in the container or the houseplants, we all become disturbed by how to get rid of ants permanently. By the way, if you see, do not invade your plants, but targets attacking pest-them like aphids, mealybugs, scales, etc. These are attracted to the honeydew coming out of these small insects. If the ant is in your garden it means your plant is suffering from any problem. There are so many such natural ant killer that you can easily get rid of.  To get rid, you use vinegar spray, coffee ground, citrus juice, soap water these are natural remedies and are completely safe. Apart from this, you can get rid of it completely by using baking soda and diatomaceous earth.

Nature Bring introduces you to how to get rid of ants permanently natural ways, from which you can easily free. These ants are good for our environment in many ways, these ants feed on flea larvae, bed bugs, and spiders. These are insects that harm the environment, our families, and pets.

natural ant killer | natural ways to get rid of Ants

How to get rid of ants permanently

1. Use cinnamon natural ways to get rid of ants

The easiest and cheapest way to get rid of ants is in the cinnamon garden used in the kitchen. If you are concerned about ants in your garden, make cinnamon powder, make this powder a thick line around a plant, you will see that red and black ants cannot cross it. If you use it in the compost heap, it will reduce the number of ants. Cinnamon is a powerful fungicide. How to use.

2.Sharp odor things

The natural ant killer prefers to get upset due to the sweet pungent smell of camphor, tansy, cloves, and hot chilies, etc. are such a fast mammal that keeps it around the plants, which the ants have gripped. For this, soak cotton balls in essential oils and place them around the garden.

natural ways to get rid of ants | How to get rid of Ants

3.Pours boiled water

These are found mostly in temperate areas. Fire ants are more dangerous, their bite causes pain and prick. These are so dangerous that even lizards, spiders, and birds can die. The invasion of these ants is mostly on the fence; natural ways to get rid of ants of the affected area, pour boiling water over the fence. For best results use it more than once.

4. Use ant bait

The most effective way to get rid of the ant in the potted plants is to use ant bait. Place the end bit on the trail of ants. The ant will come back to their home by taking these temptations, thinking it as food will eliminate the ants and their herd. From which you will get rid of the ants for some time.

natural ways to get rid of ants | How to get rid of Ants

5. Use Soap water (natural ant killer)

You can get rid of these using soap water. It is also a popular natural ant killer and there is no loss of any kind. With this, you can run away from the cockroaches. To make soap water,  you take a piece of dish soap, mix it well with hot water, then fill this mixture in the spray bottle. Spray over the infected plant. Keep in mind if the temperature is high,  then do not spray it, otherwise, it will burn the leaves of the plant. Use this spray in the evening or at low temperatures. This also destroys the pheromone trail. See more.

Ants | how to get rid of ants permanently

6. Vinegar spray

Vinegar is used in your kitchen and can be found very easily. But do you know its strong scent can get you rid of the ant? It is also the natural way to get rid of these ants, by preparing the prepared spray in which you mix, the mixture with the same amount of water and vinegar. Vinegar sprays it on the plants infected with ants and pheromone trails. Repeat this process again after the vinegar has dried. Read also.


7. Citrus peels spray

Do not throw away leftover lemons and orange peels after being used in the house, We are telling you a great way to use them. You can get rid of these ants from spray prepared by these peels. To prepare citrus peels to spray, you get peels in a pot. Then fill it with water, so that the peels completely submerged. Heat the water until the steam starts coming out. Then close the stove. Leave this mixture overnight. Then spray it in a spray bottle.

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 natural ways to get rid of ants | how to get rid of ants permanently