How to grow organic cucumbers | Growing cucumbers in your kitchen garden

How to grow organic cucumbers | Growing cucumbers in your kitchen garden

Growing cucumbers (Cucumis sativus)

The cucumber plant is widely cultivated in the gourd family. It is a creeping vine that bears cylindrical fruits that are used as culinary vegetables. Under the different types of climate in the world, cucumbers are cultivated. The fruit is dark green in color and crispy. It has as low-calorie content as many nutritional benefits including hydrating properties. Cucumis sativus is a great vegetable to plant in your kitchen garden, here you can get fresh cucumber regularly with a little care. It moves vertically with some support and occupies less space, for this you can use cucumber trellis.

cucumis sativus

How to grow organic cucumbers

With a little care, you can grow Cucumis sativus in your own patio or garden. This is a wonderful crop of spring, you can sow its seeds directly in hot climatic zones in your own gardens. This crop is easy to care, and suitable for the container.

These two things Remember For Your Cucumber Plant

  1. To always produce cucumbers keep them moist will increase production.
  2. Always produce cucumbers in Vertical gardens scheme to increases yields, because the cucumber is equipped with vine will help to develop it. Additionally, you will find clean fruit that will come above the ground. use cucumber trellis for support.

growing cucumbers

1. Soil and location

These plants need warm, fertile soil with a pH of 0.6 to 6.8, although they will tolerate a bit more alkaline soil to 7.6. Work compost or composted manure into the soil. Plant seedlings 36 to 60 inches apart, depending on the variety. Cucumber requires heat and lots of sunlight, so select the place where the full sun is present.

2. Spacing

Set these plants around 18 inches apart, so that you can easily use support like a trellis. And if you want to spread on the surface of the ground, keep about three feet apart.


Cucumber is a tropical vegetable and does well in hot weather and plenty of water. For growing weather, cucumbers are cultivated, they can keep the soil temperature up to 70 degrees in your garden.

4. Watering

This plant requires frequent water, the quantity of water is low and the yield is affected. Regular water is not feasible, then give water in-depth (at least one inch) once a week.

5. Fertilizer

Before planting cucumbers, mix the soil with plenty of organic compost, of course, the cucumber plant will not need fertilizer again. When cucumber flowers and fruits come in, start giving it water-soluble compost for better production.

5. Crop rotation

Crop rotation of cucumber crop like many other vegetables (eg tomato, green chili) should be done, soil-borne diseases develop when planted in the same place year after year.

How to grow cucumbers in pots

  • The cucumber plant is very easy to grow in the container. If you live in a cold environment then you can start them indoors. But it requires enough light.
  • Start its seeds in late May. Fill the container with a growing medium and transplant the indoor plant.
  • 10 to the 12-inch container is sufficient. Its plants prefer moisture, so keep the compost normally moist.
  • Its seeds are tall and therefore should be planted to 1/2 to 1-inch depth.
  • There is a need to water carefully after planting.
  • Cucumbers require support so train the main stem up, use vertically wired or cane for support.
  • Keep the humidity high by watering. After planting, the balanced liquid fertilizers feed every two weeks. Read also.

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