Kitchen gardens | How to make your own Kitchen garden | patio gardening

Kitchen gardens | How to make your own Kitchen garden | patio gardening

Kitchen garden (patio gardening)

The Kitchen garden is a good way to use your free time, in which you make your patio garden and also do physical exercise. At present, kitchen gardens have become very common, especially for housewives and old people who prefer to spend their time. Learn Kitchen gardens, How to make your own Kitchen garden, patio gardening,  Vegetable for small space gardening, How Much to Water Your Garden, Vertical gardening good idea for small space, Raised bed for vegetable gardening, and more about the garden.

You can grow many fruits, vegetables, spices, flower plants in the kitchen garden. The necessary information is needed to understand the kitchen garden specifications and for the best results.

You can grow your garden in tomatoes, beans, eggplants, potatoes, spinach, radish, chilies, lemon, etc. Besides, many other plants that you can easily grow in your garden. This depends on the climate surrounding your soil and water systems.

Kitchen garden

How to start your Kitchen garden

If you do not have a gardening place, you can start vegetable gardens on the courtyard, balcony, rooftop, and on a sunny window. Vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, coriander, and chili grow easily in containers. Here are some vegetables that grow well in the containers!

Kitchen garden | small space gardening

Vegetable for small space gardening

Choose hybrid and heirloom seeds for planting, this will produce high quality and quick production. You can plant vegetables according to your taste and choice. Before planting, find out which vegetables will grow well in your kitchen garden and what is the appropriate time to apply it. In the beginning, you can develop common vegetables and herbs such as basil, salad, spinach, tomatoes, chilies, eggplants, beans, cucumbers. Read more.

In your garden, you can grow tomatoes, beans, eggplant, potato, spinach, radish, chilies, lemon, etc. with easy tips you can also a lot of plants that you can grow in your patio gardening,  This depends on climate.  Curry leaves, basil leaves, coriander leaves or daily vegetables can easily come into the kitchen from the kitchen garden.

Kitchen garden


You want a good result in gardening then you recognize the nature of the soil and make it according to the environment consistent. You know, vegetables and fruits are enriched with nutrients. Rich soil increases the productivity of the plant and fertilizer is used to make the rich soil.

The chemicals in the soil destroy beneficial bacteria and warms.  You will know the nature and pH level of the soil.  What kind of crop you are producing to make it clear. Note the use of organic fertilizer before winter it is best to implement nutrients.
If you do not take the test, make sure the soil is rich in nutrients. This is very simple to make soil for the container plant you can take one part compost, Peat moss with a part, and a part of the good garden soil.


Select a place in your house that is full of sunlight, as the growth of the plant is possible only with sunlight. At least 4-6 hours of sunlight a day is required for the plant. Shady places in the garden should be avoided.


It is best for most plants to water deeply and slowly so water can access all parts of the soil and roots. Short, light watering just goes out the drainage holes before the plant can acquire the moisture or the soil can absorb the water. You have selected the pot with water extraction. Water can damage the plant. Fruit and vegetables mostly require water, so you should make sure that your plant is getting enough water or not. It is more necessary for all those plantations that have not developed deep root structure. Such plants need to give you water regularly. After the maturity of the crop, they require about one inch of water per week, but if you live in warm areas you should give more water. Use the drip irrigation system of the garden so that the plant gets rain like water.

Kitchen garden

How to grow vegetables in the pot

Growing vegetables in containers are possible but there are some that grow easily and produce heavily in containers. The productivity of a small garden also improves when you utilize vertical space. Using a trellis to provide support to trailing plants and vines always helps. read more.

Vertical gardening good idea for small space

Do not worry, lack of space cannot change your thoughts. You can consider installing vertical gardening, railing planters, and hanging baskets. It will help in the production of your crops vertically, so many crops like Lima beans, tomato, pea, peppers, salad, squash, etc. have many vegetables, which you can easily grow. Read more.

Kitchen garden

Raised  bed for vegetable gardening

There are many advantages of growing vegetables in a raised bed, this improves the productivity of vegetable gardens and makes it easier to plan and plant. If you want to develop your kitchen garden and there is bad soil, you can prepare good quality beds. This is an easy way to get rid of grass, underline the space and cover it with a layer of cardboard, and keep the soil layer above it, get rid of the grass. Read more.

Append any kind of plant that can grow in raised beds. If you wish, you can grow vegetables, fruits, herbal plants, small plants and shrubs, perennial flowers, etc.

Kitchen garden

Use implant instead of seeding

You will not have to wait for the new crop to mature until the gardens mature. You can start the batch in the container inside the house, and when the soil of the seed garden becomes fit to work you can plant it. Since you transplant them, they are a few weeks old and mature and are adopted faster than plants directly in the seed. Read more.

Use mulch to control weeds

After planting your sown seeds or planting your plants, they need to be mulched in order to grow well, for this, you can use any organic material, grass piece, pine needle, cut leaves, dead weeds. Mulch apart from keeping the moisture, adds organic matter to the soil and prevents the weed from growing around the plant.

You must follow these tips

  • Choose crops that grow faster.
  • In the beginning, select these crops, which do not require much care.
  • Choose an insect-resistant plant, you will be worried about insect nuisance.
  • During the growing season, choose a crop that can give you many crops, like tomatoes. If you develop cauliflowers, you will have to satisfy one crop.
  • It is better to develop herbs because you can regularly harvest it.

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Happy gardening.

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