Colorful vegetables | 7 easy growing purple vegetables

Colorful vegetables | 7 easy growing purple vegetables

Colorful vegetables (Purple Vegetables)

How to grow purple vegetables, it very easy to grow in your garden and enhance the charm of your garden, sharing its brief information about colorful vegetables such as Purple Cauliflower, Eggplants, Purple Kohlrabi, Purple Beans, Purple Tomatillos, Purple Bell Pepper, Purple Dragon Carrot (hybrid variety). 

According to dieticians, colorful vegetables have a lot of nutrients, they recommend eating it. For example, yellow and orange colors have a rich amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene, red-colored vegetables contain lycopene and other nutrients, purple vegetables have pigments called anthocyanin and red wine contains antioxidants.

Green vegetables have a rich amount of iron, calcium, and folic acid. The best part is that it has not been created in the lab, it is an heirloom and hybrid variety all over the world.

Colorful vegetables

1. Purple Cauliflower

Purple Cauliflower is grown around the generation. There are several heirloom varieties that are quite popular such as ‘Purple of Sicily’, Snow Crown, and some hybrids. They all get their purple color due to antioxidant and anthocyanin, just like red grapes, red wine, red cabbage, etc. Due to sun exposure, it increases. It is a harmless water-soluble pigment found in colorful vegetables and fruits. But unfortunately, most colorful vegetables lose their color after cooking. Cauliflower is a cool-season vegetable that grows in the cold and fall season. See for the production of cauliflower.

Colorful vegetables

2. Eggplants

The best place to choose Purple Eggplant is a nursery, where you can choose Black Beauty as a small plant. The selection of Asian varieties like Ichiban is a better option because these varieties grow faster with their thin fruit. These varieties are also better for growing in containers. But keep in mind that they require very rich soil to grow. The insects love the eggplant, while the flea beetles cause them cosmetic damage. To prevent this you spray biological neem oil. See more details.

Colorful vegetables

3. Purple Kohlrabi

This is the taste of cabbage and broccoli and the splendid shape of vegetables. These magnificent colorful vegetables grow two to three times every season. It grows straight and trims in the garden, so the nearby plants are easily adjusted. You can plant Kohlrabi and Beets together in the garden because both of them prefer the same schedule and humidity.

If you want, you can grow onion and lettuce along with it. You can start it very easily by seeds inside the house, later you transplant it. After the last cold passes you can plant it directly in the garden. It takes about 60 days to mature for specific hybrid varieties. Read more.

Colorful vegetables

4. Colorful vegetables Purple Beans

Beans are planted directly by seeds. If you do not get burgundy seeds near the seed seller, you can search for heirloom, hybrid or regional seeds online. It grows in about 55 days. Purple Bush Beans are better for novice gardeners and producers of vegetables in homes, they do not require staking and they take less time in production. Its biggest feature is that it does not require rich soil. Applying for two weeks at the beginning of August to increase your production.

Colorful vegetables

5. Purple Tomatillos

In Mexican cuisine, tomatillo fresh tomatoes are used instead of green tomatoes for salsa recipes, it enhances the taste of food with citrus sweet flavors. These are native to Mexico. Nowadays, the gardener grows two kinds of seeds. Physalis ixocarpa, the gardener usually sells them in markets. It is a large, pungent, and green fruit, which becomes yellow after ripening. Physalis philadelphica violet fruit is a common species grown in Mexico.

This is a very growing plant, it grows very well in poor and well-drained soil. These plants grow in 70-90 days. Tomatillo needs a cage to support. Plant you at two or more plants of Timittleos, which can produce fruit. You can bury your plant about 2/3 deep. For this, select the full sun and well dry soil.

Colorful vegetables

6. Purple Bell Pepper

You can also order hybrid seeds online. The month of September is better for this. Its plants mature in 65 to 70 days. Loam and well-drained soil are suitable for bell peppers. So if you want to put it in the container, then use potting mix or garden soil. After the development of the plant produce flowers and fruits. The plant of bell peppers requires more nutrition.

Bell Peppers start with green fruit. In addition to purple color, its production method and maintenance are similar to other chilies, but it should be harvested at the right time so that it can retain its purple color.

The purple color is not mature on purple chili varieties. Like most bell peppers, to get the mature color to the purple chili, many other colors have to go through red, orange hue. Purple color peppers have an initial level of maturity. But this immature fruit tastes sweet and after getting mature, they become red. Read more.

Colorful vegetables

7. Purple Dragon Carrot

Dutch producers made orange carrots in the 17th century before all the carrot color is purple, white, or yellow.  Purple Dragon carrot, you can plant in the spring season after the heavy cold. Remember the Purple Dragon does not like transplanting. For this, loose soil and stone free soil are necessary, because its roots enter straight inside. You can plant it in the ground directly in the presence of the full sun. Its color is violet and smooth surface, they prefer open pollination. The dragon carrot outer surface is purple, but the inside part is orange after the piece, it makes an amazing contrast. Its roots are typically 7 to 8 inches long and the taste is spicy-sweet, children love very much. Lycopene is the most valuable element found in it, the amount of lycopene is almost equal to tomatoes.

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