Growing Okra in Pots | How to Grow Okra from Seeds

Growing Okra in Pots | How to Grow Okra from Seeds

Growing Okra in pots

Growing Okra in a pot, it’s easy if you have less space, you can plant dwarf veracities in a pot. In many previous posts, we have told you how to grow vegetables in the pot, like Bottle gourd, sponge gourd, pumpkin, carrot, radishes, bitter gourd, etc. Okra is also suitable for growing in containers, but some things are necessary to get the best results. To grow, choose a pot that is at least 5 gallons or 12-16 inches deep. Read how to grow okra from seeds, okra in pots, and okra care in this article.

Dwarf ladyfinger variety is best for pot, it will go up to a height of about 5 feet. Its flowers look like hibiscus, so it also gives a great performance in the garden. Cooler climate areas, also become easier to handle.

How to Grow Okra from Seeds

How to grow okra  from seeds

Container selection

The choice of container is a necessary issue for okra, as its roots go deep into the soil. Therefore, you should choose large pots, you should choose a dwarf variety of okra plants in containers with 5 gallons and 10-15 gallons for normal species. You can also use a plastic bucket or waste utensil at home. Choose any material of pot, by the way, my suggestion is the terracotta pot is most suitable.

Grow Okra seeds

You can grow okra seeds 3 to 4 weeks before the last spring frost. In the presence of sunlight, you can grow its seeds indoors. Keep seeds in warm water overnight before planting, this will accelerate seed germination. You can also grow seeds directly in the garden. You can do this indoor planting even before spring frost. Sow okra seeds from March to April when the temperature is above about 18 degrees Celsius.

Soil and sunlight

Fertile Sandy Loam soil is good for okra. The soil you are using should be easily broken, it should be completely dry and well-drained. Mix the organic matter and enrich the soil. Keep a supply of continuous supply of nutrients in the plant. It requires full sunlight.

For better results, it is better to sow okra seed directly than transplant. Transplantation is easy but a weak plant death rate remains. Use the potting mix or rich organic soil to sow seeds.


Check the drainage before filling the soil. You sow 4 seeds per container about 1 inch deep. After the seed bone, cover it with light soil and water it well. Cover with a plastic sheet to keep moisture in indirect light and place it in a hot and dry place. When the leaves start appearing in the plant, then you remove the plastic wrap.


Keep observing, when the plant is mature (about 6-8 inches), transplanting the plants thinly.  If the plant is suitable for planting, then transplant it in a pot of your choice.

okra in pots

Okra Care

  • lady’s fingers plants are 6 feet long. The plants prefer full sun to light. To avoid shade.
  • When the plants grow a large amount of grass and weeds also grow. Remove them for plant growth.
  • 4 to 8-inch layer of grass grow, for making moisture.
  • Okra Plant once a month to use the balanced liquid fertilizer. 10-10-10 ratio rich compost is good for plant growth.
  • In the summer of okra plants Feed well water. 1 inch of water is the ideal standard fade every week. Use more water, if you live in a hot area. A weekly deep soaking is beneficial.
  • After the first harvest, remove the lower leaves to speed up production.
  • Crop rotation and good soil management help control diseases. Read more.

Pests and diseases

This plant usually aphids, Corn earworms, Stinkbugs, Fusarium wilt, etc. can cause damage. Southern root-knot nematode and stem of the okra plant are susceptible to blight. This unusual okra various beetles and worms are not to attract. Routine care is necessary because these can be infections. Read.

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