How to Grow Radish | Growing radishes in a pots | Root vegetables

How to Grow Radish | Growing radishes in a pots | Root vegetables

Growing Radish 

Learn How to Grow Radish, Growing  Radishes from seed, Growing radishes in pots, root vegetable Care, and more about these root vegetablesSpring and fall are the best time to plant radish crop but it should not be planted in summer. It grows very easily but proper care radish needs to know the following tips for continuous production. If you desire it in your patio or container can also. nature brings.

The radish plant has an edible root, which is from the Brisicaceae family. It has many varieties, varying in size, color and taste. Raphanus sativus is a hardy cool-season vegetable and grows very quickly. Radish plants mature in about 20-22 days, due to which many crops are taken.

Radish was probably native to China, but today it is the staple food of Japan. Today it is consumed globally, most people use it as a crunchy salad or vegetable.

Overview Radishes

Scientific name    Raphanus sativus

Common name    Radish

Plant type            Vegetable

Sun Required      Full Sun

Soil                        Sandy, loam

Soil pH                  6.5-7.0

Temperature       65-85° F (18 -29 degrees C)

Zone                      2-10


Growing  Radishes from seed

  • It is a fast-growing cool-season crop. These root vegetables grow in any type of soil. For fast-growing radishes Dig soil 6 inches deep, and slow-growing radishes to dig soil 2 feet deep.
  • The seed germination takes three to four days, during which the situation of the soil should be moist.
  • They prefer loamy sandy soil and full sunlight with Soil pH of 6.5 -7.0 is the best. Loam is ideal for late-season crops.
  • Hot weather radishes you should plant in autumn.
  • The seed planting depth of 1/2 inch and 1 inch apart.
  • Crop thinning to control weeds during the growing season and water may be required.
  • You can plant it in the fall season. Than any other root, vegetable radish can crop in early fall or summer.
  • keep in mind that when you sow the radish seeds, long radish varieties tolerate heat rather than the smaller varieties.


How to grow radish

Soil and location

As soon as the soil becomes fit to work in the spring, you can sow radish. For this, choose a place where the full sun comes, for a plant it is necessary to have at least six hours of sun. With soil pH being 6.8 to 7.0, you can get the best output. Well-drained soil is better for it. Dig up to a depth of at least eight inches till the soil loose. To plant the seed, spaced three inches apart and place the seed at a depth of about 1/2 inches, and cover the seeds with mild soil.

You do not need to put it in the entire garden, you can sow these vegetables in other places with other vegetables. Often people sow this fast-growing radish in the slow-growing carrots, parsley, and beetroot beds. Roots can be harvested faster than needed by other vegetables. 


The best temperature is 65 to 85 ° F (18 -29 degrees C). 65 ° F you can get a good quality crop. It takes 22 days to mature harvest, but in cold weather, it may take 6 to 7 weeks.

Growing tips

  • When you prepare the soil to avoid fresh manure, organic materials, and high nitrogen fertilizer, etc. Rich soil helps make lush foliage and crunchy radishes roots.
  • When planting radishes approximately 2.5 cm / 1 inch apart should be thin, it is not necessary to summer variety radish crops, Winter variety should be thinned to 15 cm (6 inches) apart.
  • Mulch around radish, rich compost, and wood ash Maintain moisture. Not just saving it from insects, but also keeps in moisture. Soil Moist has ensured the growth of fruits.
  • Give water sparingly, but water should be not less, because of the lack of water radishes will bolt and taste it too pungent. If too wet, so remain root will rot.
  • Hence the radish crop matures quickly. you can sow radishes between the rows in ‘catch crop’ such as peas and potatoes. You can easily get from the main crop.

How to Grow Radishes in a container

  • The radish grow very easily in the container, it requires a comprehensive gallon pot and rich and well-drained soil. You can use a vegetable starter mixture to apply in the container, you can then modify the growing medium by mixing compost, peat, and sand.
  • When the radish seeds sprout and the root growth starts, then use vegetable fertilizer before transplanting it according to the instructions on the packet.
  • Before planting, check if there is a proper teasing for the drainage in the container.
  • For this, use an unglazed pot, it encourages the evaporation of excessive moisture.
  • If you use a saucer under the pot, make sure it is not constantly filled with water. Read more.

Radishes Care  

  • Radishes (Brassica) well with constant humidity like dry soil. Keep soil always moist, but should not be waterlogged.
  • Thin radish 1 inch apart, it surprises you when it will be 1 week old.

Problem with Radishes

The worst attack on the radish is the Root Maggot, but it can easily get rid of this insect by making proper crop rotation. If you find lots of wood ashes in the soil, then the Maggots will not see any problem.

Snails and Slugs like radish taste. Yates Blitzem some radishes, to get rid scattering around the garden bed. Caterpillars and aphids also prefer to eat a radish. If the holes in the leaves due to caterpillars and the leaves curling the reason is aphids. In 7-14 days spraying insecticides, you will get eliminated.


  • Some varieties are very fast maturing radishes, which have to harvest within 3 weeks.
  • After maturing for a long time not leave them on the ground, otherwise, the situation will be worse.
  • Store cut the tops off radishes and wash well.

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