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How to grow your own Ginger | Nature Bring

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How to grow your own Ginger | Nature Bring

About Ginger:

Ginger is a flowering plant, ginger root or simply ginger is widely used as a spice or a traditional medicine. Ginger is a very powerful herb.  Fresh roots are used to enhance the flavor of the dishes. Tea made from this is very beneficial for health. The height of the ginger plant is approximately 3 feet. Its dry roots are used to make medicines. It can be grown easily inside the house and its production is done all year round. Nature Bring is telling you how to grow ginger in your house.

Ginger takes 10 months to mature and it doesn’t tolerate frost. If you live in a place where it gets the low temperature in the winter, so better off growing ginger in a pot in indoor and bringing outside or grow when summer time is going on or the temperature is high. Soil temperatures must be warm — ideally between 71 and 77ºF (22–25ºC).


Scientific name                   Zingiber Officinale

Common name                   Ginger

Plant type                             Flowering plant

Sun required                        Full sun/ Partial Sun

Soil                                         Rich and well-drained

Soil pH                                   5.5-6.5

Zone                                       USDA 8

How to grow ginger?

Growing your own ginger is easy and rewarding. Once planted, the ginger needs nothing but water and patience to mature into a delicious, spicy ingredient. There are few steps to grow the ginger.

  • Start in early spring because ginger can’t survive in a frost.
  • Choose your ginger, that has plump and wrinkle-free.
  • Cut the rhizome of ginger into pieces if you want to grow many plants of ginger.
  • Prepare the high quality and well-drained soil for ginger.
  • The location of the ginger plant must be in partial shade or areas with morning sun only.
  • Choose ginger plant pot at least 12 inches (30cm) deep.  A plastic pot is better than terra cotta, as long as you poke plenty of drainage holes in the base.
  • Plant each piece of ginger 2–4 inches (5–10 cm) below the loose soil, with the buds pointing upward.
  • The watering must be light in ginger plants and check the plant daily that soil must dry water completely.
  • Watch for germination.Ginger grows slowly, especially outside of the tropics.
  • Let the soil dry as the stems die back. The stems of the ginger plant will turn yellow in late summer or early fall, as temperatures drop.

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