How to grow Cannas | Growing exotic tropical canna lily in pots

How to grow Cannas | Growing exotic tropical canna lily in pots


Learn How to grow Cannas, Growing exotic tropical canna lily in pots, Cannas care, and more about this plant.  Cannas are native to the New World,  a genus of 10 species of flowering plants. These are grown in a container, they are tropical, sub-tropical, and perennial plants. These perennial is a variety of colors,  its leaves are broad and flat, which is growing out of stem a long narrow exit Roll and then unwrap. These are in shades of green or bronze, leaves are a large territory and may widen or stripe pattern. Canna plant blooms in late spring or early summer.

Its flowers are usually red, orange, yellow, or mixed colors depending on the variety.  The leaf color is generally solid green, but some cannas leaf are a brown, red, or have various colors. Cannas Flowers attract Hummingbirds. The dried flowers are used as medicine. Here is how to develop these tender beauties, Nature Bring is telling you.


Overview canna flower

Scientific name    Canna x generalis

Common name     Canna, Canna lily

Plant type            Flower

Sun Required      Full

Soil                        Any, Loamy, Sandy, Clay

Soil pH                  6.0-6.5

Bloom time          Fall and Summer

Flower color        Orange, Red, Yellow, White, Pink and mix

Zone                      8-11


Planting canna plant

  • These are exotic tropical plants, these plants require much sunlight. The fertile, moist soil is preferred.
  • April is an excellent time to grow it. Starting from rhizomes and planting time, use multi-purpose compost. The rhizomes should have covered with compost. It is good for the development of a young plant.
  • Rhizomes after covering slightly Water.
  • Planting time temperatures should be 10 to 16 ° Celsius (50 to 60 ° F) of the greenhouse. This arrangement is not too late planting April. Increase water with evolution.
  • Move your canna plant in mid-April in the Cold greenhouse and planting it too late May.
  • Plant about 75cm (30in) apart, keep the depth of 10 centimeters. Choose a sunny place for planting the border. Be sure to dig the soil well before planting mix and compost.

Planting in a container

  • Canna plant grows very well in containers. 18-inch pot is better for it. choose dwarf species for pot. The plastic container is relatively good. Rhizomes big container of soil to break down fear.
  • Loam-based compost to fill the container with the controlled release fertilizer mix. the planting of rhizomes as much depth as the border.
  • Canna many trees you want, you divide the rhizomes of the summer before planting. To reduce the chance of infection Fungal divided rhizomes dry and leave it to heal. Make sure at least one node of each rhizome and the leaves will sprout.

Canna plant care

  • Choose the smaller cannas species for pot, because of many cannas 7 to 8 feet long.
  • Canna plants require full sunlight. Shadow affects plant growth. If we put the tree in the shade, the flowers blossoming influences.
  • The plant constantly moist soil, soil pH 6.0- 6.5 is considered the best. If your garden soil is acidic, before planting add lime.
  • Hold 18 to 24 inches of space between plants. If you are growing in a pot and a diameter of 18 inches is better. Select a pot for rhizomes.
  • Rhizomes in the soil at least 2 inches of soil cover.
  • In the summer, mulch around the plants to keep damp use.
  • Separate dead-heads regularly, which would encourage long-blooming plants.

Pests and diseases

However, some diseases and pests that affect cannas, but they do not require much treatment. Jung is a common fungal problem in these plants, to avoid its effect, cut off the affected leaves and separate them. Canna plant leaf rollers and leaf caterpillars harm. Regularly spray insecticides during the growing season to rid them.

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