How to grow Pineapple | Growing Pineapple plant in containers | caring

How to grow Pineapple | Growing Pineapple plant in containers | caring

Pineapple plant

Learn How to grow pineapple, Growing Pineapple plant in containers,  caring, harvesting, and more about these fruits. It is very easy to grow a pineapple plant, for this, you can purchase fruits from the store, but the fruits are fresh. You can germinate a new plant by cutting the pineapple crown. Let’s choose the fruit whose leaves are green and fresh. Pineapple plant requires a tropical or sub-tropical region,  if you are constantly in warm weather, it is good to develop pineapple. The pineapple plant is quite a drought-tolerant and it grows very well with little water.

you can start to produce pineapple outdoor, the U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone 9 through 11. If you live in a cold area, you will have to keep it in a greenhouse or indoors in the winter months. The temperature below 28 degrees F can kill this plant. It affects the taste of fruits in cooler areas.  Similarly, temperature above 90 degrees F affects its growth. 65 to 90 degree F is the ideal temperature for its good development and moisture is 70 to 80 percent.

Classification Ananas comosus

Scientific name       Ananas comosus

Common name       pineapple

Plant type               Fruits

Sun required          Full Sun

Soil                           Slightly acidic / well-drained

Soil pH                     4.5-6.5

Zone                         9-11

Cut the Pineapple crown from sharp knife

Growing Pineapple plant in containers

  • When you buy a pineapple for your food, buy a fresh and healthy pineapple, which has green- green healthy leaves on its head. Avoid, if the leaves are dry, yellow, and sick.
  • Separate the pineapple from the head with the help of a sharp knife, from where the leaves begin. It is very important that the fruit is completely separated from the fruit flash because later it will rot. Till the head continued to thin slice until the circles of brown dots were visible. This is the root primordia, which is the undeveloped root.
  • Separate some of the leaves below. Thereby, a little stalk appears from below.
  • Pineapples are susceptible to rot, so leave stalks few days to dry. It is important so that the chopped ends dry up.
  • To grow pineapple, take at least 8-inch containers, for this, the terracotta container is considered the most suitable. Direct sunlight and well-drained soil are good for it. For this, mix the sand and perlite in the potting mix. If you want, but the layer of root hormone on its edge before planting. Cover the crown to about 1-inch depth and cover it with soil.

Pineapple Essential 

  • The plant does not need much water. They have a very tough leaf, so they do not lose much water through evaporation.
  • Pineapple does not require high-quality soil. Pineapple likes a Slightly acidic Which is almost available.
  • These belong to the family of Bromeliads, which have not a big root system.
  • Pineapple gets lots of nutrients and water through its leaves.
  • They like full sunlight, they grow well in warm environments, but they also serve in the shade.
  • You can grow pineapples very well in containers.

Pineapple growing in container

Pineapples Care 

  • This plant requires full sunlight throughout the day. However, it can afford a little shadow.
  • Ananas comosus can be very harmful to two things. 1. Overwatering Overfeeding. Give this plant water when needed, and use once a month balanced organic fertilizer.
  • Keep the pineapple slightly moisture for the plant but do not let it wet. The drainage of water in the pot is better.
  • This plant is most evolved in hot weather and as the weather cools down, its growth starts to be interrupted.
  • Ananas comosus is drought tolerant and requires very little water. You do not water your plant or forget it, you should lay a thick layer of mulch to reduce the evaporation.
  • If you live in a tropical or subtropical region, you can put your plant in a slight shadow.
  • Container pineapple, use the well-drained soil and should have a good drainage system. Do not give extra water to this plant.

*They belong to the family of bromeliads, and like all bromeliads, they do not have a big root system.

Pineapple blooming 

Like other bromeliads, Ananas comosus blossom is very troublesome. Its plant is unlikely to blossom or produce fruit for 2-3 years. And as soon as the flower blossoms in it, this fruit is start formed within two weeks. Each plant gives only one flower and one fruit at a time. The flower of the container plant is not always reliable. Mix three tablets of calcium carbide with water and mix it and pour in the center of the plant. Flowing from 21 to 34 months old plant will start.


Once the Ananas comosus blooming it takes several months to develop their fruits. When you see the pineapple color is golden yellow it means fruits are ripening. Smaller plants produce small fruits.

Pests and diseases  

  • Ananas comosus is not quickly affected by insects and diseases. Their resistance capacity is very high.
  • Due to fungus diseases like Butt rot, Black rot & White leaf spot become this plant. Due to this, the leaves become gray and patches of leaves. Seeds piece may rot, which causes black rot.
  • Mealybugs, pineapple red mites, Nematodes, Symphylids, and  White grubs are the main pests they bothered this plant. Spray the plant regularly with soapy water is the easiest way. Another easy way when watering plants by jet force.

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