Growing  Golden Barrel Cactus | How to grow Golden Barrel Cactus by seeds

Growing  Golden Barrel Cactus | How to grow Golden Barrel Cactus by seeds

Growing Golden Barrel Cactus

Learn Growing  Golden Barrel Cactus, How to grow Golden Barrel Cactus by seeds and cactus care in this article. You can grow the golden barrel cactus (Echinocactus grusonii) inside the house, where the plant can get suitable sunlight. However, the cactus planted inside the house is not likely to flower. The barrels cacti are round and attractive and produce yellow flowers. By taking a little patience and proper care, you can develop it in your drawing room.

Many people call it mother-in-law cushion, this creates adventures especially due to their golden thorns.

About six species of Echinocactus are known, they are native to Mexico and the Southwestern United States. These are really desert plants and they do not require moisture or standing water to grow. The secret to planting indoor is good and complete drainage before planting requires proper arrangement in soil and pot.

Overview of Golden Barrel Cactus

Scientific name                 Echinocactus grusonii

Common name                 Mother-in-Law’s Cushion, Mother-in-Law’s Pillow, Barrel Cactus

Plant type                           Cactus

Sun requires                      Full Sun

Blooming time                   Summer

Flower colors                     Yellow

Soil                                         Sandy Well-drained soil

Soil pH                                  5.0-6.5

Zone                                      9-11


Growing Golden Barrel Cactus

Soil and location

Cactus potting soil is ideal for growing barrel cactus. If you use any other potting mixture, then you should be added sand or extra perlite for proper drainage.  These are pure desert plants and prefer direct sunlight and warm temperatures. However, they can bear up the cold temperature to 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). Plants kept in cold temperatures develop a barrel shape.  Smaller barrel plants should be placed in a very bright and indirect sunny place, mature plants can bear the full sun.


Before watering cactus, its natural environment should be well understood. Barrels cactuses are going to grow in the desert area, they do well in scorching and very little rain of the year.  Echinocactus is a water accumulation stem that collects water through its intense stem. It helps in maximizing water storage. Echinocactus is the most compact, and it is considered as a water conservation tank in the desert. Indoor barrel cactus does not require too much water. By drinking water only once or twice a year, you can get good results. Read more.


Give balanced fertilizer 10-10-10 to your Echinocactus. Feed the water-soluble weak fertilizer during the growing season.

How to Grow Barrel Cactus from a Seed

  • After flowering of the Echinocactus, seeds are found in their pods and fall after a few months. Leave the pod on the plant so that it gets mature and completely dried up. Collect its seeds just before drying the pods.
  • Cut the pods from one side using knives, you will see the seeds in it, collect it with the help of toothpicks.
  • Before germination soaks the seeds in water for overnight.
  • Prepare a potting mix or use a ready-made cactus potting mix. You prepare a mixture of peat moss, vermiculite, and sand in the ratio 3: 2: 5, it is best for your cactus. Fill the potting mixture in the germination tray or pot.
  • Set the seeds of Echinocactus, and give the water very slowly, otherwise, its seeds are so small that they come out.
  • Distribute its seeds to you as equally as possible. You can place two to three seeds in one place if the germination can be divided by the screwdriver.
  • Keep the tray in full sunshine until the seeds germination. Normally seed germinating in five or six weeks, make sure to keep the soil moist all the time.
  • When you look sprout, you can move the shoots to the container. For this, you can use the previously used potting mixture. Be careful while transferring because the shoots are fragile and can be damaged.
  • After three years the required spines of the plant develop, then you can plant it in the final place. Regular water after transplantation, until the plants are well established. It develops very slowly. Read more.

Barrel Cactus care

  • If your cactus is in the pot, then it should be kept in a warm sunny place in the warmest room of the house.
  • Mix more sand, a little topsoil, and perlite in the soil prepared for the barrel cactus. These mixtures are best suited for cactus.
  • Unglazed pots are most suitable for Echinocactus because these pots allow excess water to evaporation.
  • Barrel cactus plants are true deserts and usually, they are caused by rain for the supply of moisture. Water is enough once a week in the summer season. They do not need much water in the winter.
  • Echinocactus no pruning needed.
  • You fertilize your barrel cactus once in every spring.  Read more.



Re-potting cactus is stressful for plants, so it is better to keep this action minimal. Re-pot your plant only once a year, not much. If your plant is grown in the container, do not out it with your pot until you plan to plant it outside.

Pests and diseases

These cactuses are usually disease-free, but they may have mealy bugs, aphids, scale, and whitefly pest problems.  Snails, slugs also trouble it.

Treat the infection as soon as you know it. Echinocactus are induced by rot in the presence of constant moisture.

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