How to make veg Manchurian | Manchurian recipe | Nature Bring

How to make veg Manchurian | Manchurian recipe | Nature Bring


Know How to make veg Manchurian, Manchurian recipe, then read the following article.  The cold season is to eat and drink and make health, this time the whole season is full of green vegetables, at this time include those foods which have an abundance of green vegetables. In this post we are telling you about the Chinese healthy food Manchurian, it is very tasty and spicy.

You can make this Chinese food very easily in your home, with this meal you can make your evening special in front of the guests. It is very much like today in Indian street food. Manchurian balls immersed in the spicy gravy of Cornflour are well-liked. Nature Bring is sharing you a very easy method, which you can make it in the house.

Serve                     06

Preparation  time  50  minutes

Cooking time        10 minutes

Ingredients for Manchurian balls

Fine flour                                                               1/3 cups

Corn flour                                                              2 Tbsp

Finely chopped bell pepper                              1/2 cup

Grate Carrot                                                          3/4 cups

Grate cabbage                                                     3/4 cups

Black pepper                                                        1/4 Tsp

Ajinomoto                                                             1 pinch

Oil                                                                           for frying Manchurian balls

Salt                                                                         As needed

Ingredients for the Manchurian gravy

Corn flour                                                              2Tbsp

Ginger                                                                    2  inches (Grate it)

Green chilies                                                        2-4 finely Chopped

Spring onion                                                         1/4 cup

Garlic                                                                     5-6 cloves, finely Chopped

Soya sauce                                                           2 Tbsp

Chili sauce                                                            1/2 Tbsp

Tomato sauce                                                      2 Tbsp

Water                                                                     2 cups

Salt                                                                         As needed


Method of making veg Manchurian balls

  • Take cornflour in a large bowl, according to the volume mentioned above. Mix this black pepper powder, salt, a pinch of Ajinomoto well in this bowl.
  • Then combine grated carrots, grated cauliflower, finely chopped capsicum (bell peppers), chopped green chilies and a spoonful of oil.
  • This mixture gets wet due to water in the vegetables. If there is a shortage of water, then sprinkle a little water above the required amount. Mix the ingredients well. When mixed, make small balls with the help of palms. Similarly, make all-round balls.
  • Keep the flame of the gas moderate, because of the high flame Manchurian balls will remain raw from inside. Slowly add 4-5 balls of oil and deep fry it. When brown on one side,  turn it over and fry it so that the balls are well fried on both sides.
  • Put the paper napkins on a plate and keep all the fried balls. Placing in the paper napkin will remove its extra oil.
  • Your Manchurian Balls are ready.

How to make  Manchurian Gravy 

  • To make Manchurian’s gravy, take the cornflour according to the above-mentioned amount and dilute it well with water.
  • Heat the oil in a pan, and add peas according to the above-mentioned quantity. Then add finely chopped ginger, garlic, chopped green chilies, chopped green onion and fry it. Then add 2 tablespoons soya sauce, 1/2 teaspoon chili sauce and 2 tablespoons tomato sauce, fry it for about 1 to 1.5 minutes.

  • Then add the black pepper powder and salt in it, add 2 cups water. Cook it for about 1-2 minutes.
  •  When it starts boiling. Mix the dissolved cornflour in it and cook for about 1 minute in a low flame.
  • Then add fried Manchurian balls gradually and let it cook for 3-4 minutes.


  • There is no need to pour water into the mixture of vegetables because the water released from the vegetables is enough to make Manchurian balls. And despite this, if the water is low, then you can add some water.
  • Keep the gravy thin in the beginning, because after cooking it will thicken itself.
  • We have used Ajinomoto to develop Chinese tests. If this is not available then you can make Manchurian without it.

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