Mango pickle | Green chilly pickle | Favorite recipes

Mango pickle | Green chilly pickle | Favorite recipes

Mango pickle and Green chilly pickle

If there is no pickle in Indian food, then the food is incomplete, its tastier and taste becomes tangy and spicy. The season of mango, people are busy making pickles in different ways, some people are also those who buy them from the market, but, except for some companies, all other pickles are adulterants, in which many types of chemicals are used which is bad for health. At this time mango is abundant in streets and markets, and Nature Bring is telling you the easy method of making a pickle (achar) of mango and green chilies. Homemade pickle is a different thing, this time you make pickles at home only.

Preparation time                  30 minutes

Cooking time                        10 minutes

Difficulty level                      Easy

Ingredients for mango pickle (aam ka achar)

  (Our 1 Cup = 240 ML)

Green raw mango               01 kg

Fenugreek seeds                                02tbsp

Cumin seed                          02tbsp

Yellow mustard seed          02tbsp

Red chilli powder                 11/2 tsp

turmeric powder                  11/2 tsp

Asafoetida                            1/4 tsp

Fennel                                   02tbsp

Mustard oil                            1/2 cups

Salt                                         as needed


  • Wash the raw mangoes well and wipe it. Now cut the mangoes into small pieces.
  • Take the chopped mango in a big tray and mix salt and turmeric and leave for one night.
  • By which mango leaves its extra water. Spread it in the open air for 4-5 hours in a clean cloth, when it gets dry, then put it in a tray.
  • Fry mustard and fenugreek seeds in a pan and grind it with the help of grinder and keep it aside.
  • Heat oil in a pan, add mustard, fenugreek, and red chili powder, cumin seeds, asafoetida, and mix well. Close the flame. Now leave aside this mixture to
  • Mix the pieces of mango and mix well, now fill this mixture in a jar and leave it to cool. Fill so much oil in this jar that the pickle should be well to drown.
  • Close the lid of the jar and keep it shaking in between. Your pickle will be eaten in two to four days.


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Green chili pickle

Preparation time                  10 minutes

Cooking time                        10 minutes

Difficulty level                      Easy

Ingredients for Green chili pickle

Green chili 02 cups

Whole coriander                  03tsp

Fenugreek seeds                                01tsp

Yellow mustard seeds        01 tbsp

turmeric powder                  01tsp

Asafoetida                            1/4 tsp

Mustard oil                            4tbsp

Salt                                         as needed

Lemon juice                            02tsp


  • Wash green chilies thoroughly wipe it, if you want, it can dry it under the fan.
  • Cut chilies into small pieces and keep it aside.
  • To make masala, roast whole coriander, fennel and fenugreek seeds in a light flame and grind them with the help of a grinder.
  • Mix roasted mixture and yellow mustard, salt, and turmeric powder, add lemon juice and keep aside in a deep bowl.
  • Heat the oil in a pan and when the smoke starts coming out of the oil, take it off, add this hot oil to the spices mixture and mix thoroughly.
  • Now add chopped green chilies and mix well.
  • Your pickle is ready, put it in a clean glass jar and close the lid. Put it in the sun for two to three days, now you can serve it with any meal. Read also.

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