How to make Stuffed Red chillies Pickle | Nature Bring recipe

How to make Stuffed Red chillies Pickle | Nature Bring recipe

Stuffed Red chillies Pickle

Stuffed Red chillies Pickle  The choice of thick red peppers, In order to make pickles, To make the pickle by removing the seeds in it and filled in it with sour masala. It is dazzling to see and eat. If you want to increase the taste of food, then definitely include chutney and pickles in your meals and snacks. This is the popular pickle in Uttar Pradesh of India. It will eat guests as extra food in your diet. It costs a lot to buy on the market, so the recipe for you has brought nature bring, it is very easy to make.  Read more.

Preparation time                  15minutes

Cooking time                        30 minutes

Serve                                     15

Difficulty level                      Easy

Red chillies Pickle

Ingredients for Stuffed Red chillies pickle

Thick Red chillies  (Peepers)               15-20 pieces

Mustard Seeds (Rai)                           ½ cup

Amchur powder                                 01 Tbsp

Pure Mustard Oil                                02 cups

Asafetida                                            1/4 tsp

Fenugreek seeds                                1/4cup

Onion seeds                                       02 tsp

Cumin seeds                                      02 tsp

Thick fennel                                       02tsp

Turmeric powder                               11/2 tsp

Salt                                                    as needed

How to make Red chillies pickle recipe

    • You can choose good and healthy chili to make stuffed red chillies Wash the whole chillies with water and wipe out.
    • It with a cotton cloth and keep it in the sun, by doing this, the moisture content of the chilli will dry completely and the conduct will not be spoiled.
    • Cut off the stems of red chillies and separate them from the inside, so that the spices can be well filled.
    • Now heat the pan and cumin seeds roasted. Put it in a different bowl. Then roast mustard seed in the pan until it does not snap. Put it in a different bowl. After this, roasting thick fennel to the pan and place it in a separate bowl. Similarly, roast the fenugreek seeds and keep them aside.
    • After roasting all the spices, grind it with the help of mixer grinder. And keep them aside.
    • Now heat the pan again and add mustard oil as per the above-mentioned amount and heat it in a low flame and add some asafetida. When the oil becomes slightly cooled, add a spice mixture to it and mix it well.
    • Then mix turmeric powder, amchur powder, and salt in this mixture well. Now fill the prepared mixture in red chillies and keep it aside.
    • When all the red chillies are filled, place it in a glass container, put the remaining spices on top, then add the remaining oil in the container. Now put the container in the sun for 5-6 days.
    • Now your vegetarian stuffed red chillies pickle is ready. If you keep it dipped in mustard oil, it will not be spoil for several months, keep stirring it from time to time and if you like, then show some sunshine. Read more.


  • If the pickle of red chillies is immersed in oil then it will last for a long time.
  • Use dry and healthy red chillies to make pickles, pickles will not be bad.
  • Keep moving the container from time to time.

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Red chillies Pickle