Why Tomatoes are not Ripening | Various ways to ripening tomatoes

Why Tomatoes are not Ripening | Various ways to ripening tomatoes

Why Tomatoes are not Ripening (ripening tomatoes)

Nature Bring here is telling about some such questions. Why Tomatoes are not Ripening? Why do tomatoes turn red? What is lycopene? Various ways to ripening tomatoes?

Sometimes you plant tomatoes in your garden and they do not ripe. Gardeners start getting bothered by seeing green fruits, that too in the season. If you live in cold temperatures then this is a problem.  You have already read that contains lycopene, and are read-only because of lycopene. Here are some of the main reasons here.

Ripening | ripening tomatoes | Why Tomatoes are not Ripening

What Is Lycopene?

Lycopene is a naturally occurring chemical, which provides red and orange color to fruits and vegetables. This pigment is called carotenoid. Lycopene is found in guava, watermelon, grapes, carrots, and apricots. It is found in tomato and carrots in very large quantities,  a cup of juice provides 23 ml of lycopene.

If you use it regularly in your diet, it will be found in your body as it is natural. Use it for serious diseases such as bladder, ovary, colon, and pancreas for cancer and heart disease. It is a powerful antioxidant, which prevents cells from being damaged.

ripening tomatoes | Why Tomatoes are not Ripening | Lycopene

Why tomatoes not Ripening?

Reason 01

There is a definite time to ripe each variety of tomatoes. When you plant a seed, from that time the fruit gets ripen after a certain time. There are some varieties of tomatoes that take a very short time to ripen; some varieties take longer. Short season tomato also receives maturity after a certain time, even during bad weather. By the way, every seed packets have information about its maturity average time. If you have a small growing season, then you can plant shorter maturing fruits. At such a time it is a good idea, that you can produce a lot of fruits by putting shorter variation in a long growing time. Read more.

Reason 02

If you go to the study nearby, then the tomatoes often begin to rope on the opposite side of the sunny side, though all the varieties do not show up. Therefore, it does not require much amount of light to ripe, it actually makes the fruit skin harder.

Reason 03

Temperature is also an important factor in ripening. If the fruit comes in contact with the warm area, then it starts ripening early. If you want to stop the ripening of tomatoes, then put it in a cold area, it will slow down the ripening speed, and make it quick to ripen with medium warmth.

Reason 04

The third factor that increases the speed of ripening is ethylene; it is a type of gas. It is used by the business to make tomato ripening and other fruits. There are enough elected shaped green tomatoes before doing so; then they are ripped, although it looks artificial. Ethylene gas is released from naturally ripe bananas, apples, and tomatoes. If the green tomatoes are kept with these fruits, then it helps in ripening.

Various ways to ripening tomatoes

  • If you want to ripe in the house, then there are various easy ways you can apply it.
  • Place the bags of ripped tomatoes, apples, or bananas near green tomatoes. Ethylene released from these fruits will help in ripening.
  • Place the green tomatoes, wrap them well in the newsprint, and put in the box of the cardboard, place this box in a warm place. If you want, you can also use a wooden table drawer in the house. Keep checking it regularly.
  • Place ripe bananas, apples, and tomatoes with 5-10 green tomatoes in a paper bag, place this bag in a rug. From time to time, keep checking it open, preventing it from molding or rotting.
  • If the cold is predicted, then break the whole tomatoes by the plant and then hang it upside down in the garage or basement. The temperature of this place is more than cold. The fruits obtained by this method are much tastier than the other method.
  • The best results in all these methods are obtained in the tomato, which is already slightly orange, pink color. That is, those who are ready to ripe on the tree and they are taking the time.

*It takes 3 to 4 weeks to ripe tomatoes at a temperature of 10 to 15 ° C. While 18-20 ° C temperature it takes 2 weeks. At temperatures of bellow10 degrees, it also has an effect on its quality.  Read more.

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