How to make Coconut Ladoo | Nariyal Ladoo recipe | Coconut laddus

How to make Coconut Ladoo | Nariyal Ladoo recipe | Coconut laddus

Coconut Ladoo recipe  (Nariyal ke Ladoo)

Learn How to make Coconut Ladoo, Nariyal Ladoo recipe, Coconut laddus. Coconut ladoo made during the festival season is very tasty. Coconut ladoos are easy to make and its ingredients are also easily available. To make it tasty, coconut dried grated coconut (boora), coconut milk or mawa or condensed milk, sugar and cardamom are needed.

You can also use condensed milk and fresh cream instead of mawa in coconut laddus. You can make it with both raw coconut and dried coconut, but if you are using raw coconut, then after grating it adds a spoon of ghee and roast it well in the pan. Dry coconut does not need to be roasted. Read more.

Preparation time                       05 minutes

Cooking time                            25 minutes

Serve                                        05

Difficulty level                           Easy

Cuisine                                     Indian Dessert

Coconut Ladoo

Material for Coconut Ladoo

(1 cup = 250 ml)

Coconut Boora (Dry grated coconut)                  02 cups (200 grams)

Sugar Powder (Sugar boora)                              1.5 cup

Mawa or Fresh Cream and Condensed Milk        01 cup

Cashew and Almonds                                        1/4 cup

Cuddapah almond (Chironji )                              01 tbsp

Green Cardamom                                              4 -5 (crushed)

Coconut Ladoo

How to make Coconut Ladoo

  • Crumbled the mawa into small pieces and heat the pan on medium flame, then add crumbled mawa to it. Stir the mawa continuously until it turns light brown.
  • If you do not have mawa, then use the following method.
  • First, put a spoonful of ghee in the pan, then add grated coconut to it and roast it for about 2-3 minutes. Keep it aside in a plate.
  • Save a little bit of grated coconut. It will be used later when making ladoos.
  • Now mix 1 cup fresh cream and 3/4 cup sugar in the same pan and mix it well. After some time, the sugar will mix well.
  • Add roasted coconut powder and stir it for 2-3 minutes. Now add about 2 tablespoons milk powder. And run well.
  • Take the mixture out in a pot and cool it a bit. Now make it round with the help of palms, and wrap the remaining coconut boora over it. Stick a Cuddapah almond (chironji) on top to decorate.
  • Likewise, make all the ladoos of the mixture.
  • We have made some ladoos of orange color, you can also add food coloring while frying the mixture. Read also.


  • Do not let the mixture cool down completely, make laddus only when it is hot, otherwise, it can break.
  • We have used grated dry coconut in the market, but this coconut is whispery and the oil is completely removed. If you want the traditional taste of coconut ladoos, then make dried coconut powder at home.
  • You can also use raw coconut instead of dried coconut.

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